Hansa/Omar/Mathys latex carpet backing coating/lamination line

Complete line for carpet backing with both standard SBR Latex-Lick roll application as well as Gel Foam Latex application possibilities, designed for special carpet, customer oriented products for niche carpets and short production series consisting of:
01 Omar entry with j-box
01 Hansa mixer type Compact Mix 600
01 Matthys application unit for both standard SBR Latex roll application as well as Gel Foam Latex application
01 Weisstechnik infrared unit
01 Matthys embossing unit
01 Omar electrically heated dryer covering 7 compartments with cooling zone
01 exit in plaiting with J-box accumulator
Line is complete with all electrical cabinets and other relevant accessories installed in 2015 and very little used.
Overall technical information is; connected for 3 x 885 amps, 550 kW (of which infrared is 130 kW), max. speed 5 m/min, average weight of coating 400 - 600 grams

Hansa/Omar/Mathys latex carpet backing
SKU 684-0002
Manufacturer Hansa/Omar/Mathys
Model latex carpet backing
Year 2015
Electricity 380/3/50
Width 2500 mm
Quantity 1